Adult/Older Youth Guitar Method Book + CD

Adult/Older Youth Bass Guitar Method

Recommended for adults and for older youth with good reading comprehension and/or a very high level of motivation to learn bass.

Kids’ Bass Guitar Method

For kids 16 or so and under, or for folks for whom the amount of information on each page in the adult-learner book would seem/feel overwhelming. No shame in using a kid's book. Whatever gets you going and KEEPS you going.

Guitar, Bass (& other) Clip-on Tuner

Rugged. Easy to read. Won't scratch your instrument. 1-year manufacturer's guarantee.


I. Love. This. Metronome. Loud (so helpful), adjustable volume (for when loud is too much), easy to understand and read adjustments & speed dial (tempo :-). Even helps you learn the Italian-language tempo markings in music. A bit pricey, but so well worth the cost. Mine has lasted for 20 years and it's still, well, ticking. (Sorry, too punny.)

Beginner Amp.

All the amplification a beginner needs for bass learning guitar. Note: you will also need a "patch cable" to use an amp.

Adult Beginner Piano

Adult Beginner Piano Course

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