Singing Lessons

All aspects of singing any genre, breath technique, on pitch, without strain, healthfully, enjoyably, for a lifetime.

Vocal Coaching

Become both bold and comfortable with your "stage presence," whether your goal is stage, pew, lectern, or shower.

Beginning Folk Guitar

Learn to strum easily, play melody lines, and read music!

Beginning Piano

Learn to understand the sheet music you see, read it, play it, enjoy it, and make it your own!

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No matter your age, young or old, music is a gift that enhances your life and allows you to express emotions and messages, as well as to learn, in ways possible by no other means.

 Whether you are

  • investigating the question “Can I sing?” or “Could I really play guitar or piano?”
  • an experienced singer or musician looking to strengthen your voice and sharpen your skills, style, and interpretation, or
  • a mom or dad looking for music lessons for your child,

you may be assured that you are on a path of adventure, creativity, and artistic expression that is accessible to all.


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A Higher Note LLC Now offers daytime lessons Mon-Fri, 9 AM-3 PM Eastern Time, online or in-studio (central Chattanooga, TN).

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