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All aspects of singing any genre, breath technique, on pitch, without strain, healthfully, enjoyably, for a lifetime.

Vocal Coaching

Become both bold and comfortable with your "stage presence," whether your goal is stage, pew, lectern, or shower.

Beginning Folk Guitar

Learn to strum easily, play melody lines, and read music!

Beginning Piano

Learn to understand the sheet music you see, read it, play it, enjoy it, and make it your own!

About Natalie Eastman

For 25 years, Natalie Eastman has enthusiastically and clearly taught people to sing and helped singers to sing better.
Her client list includes two Miss America contestants and many gigging artists, as well as singers who offer their voices locally in choirs, bands, weddings, music theater and other extraordinary performances.

Meet AHN's Virtual Assistant

Ashley Evans

Ashley Evans

Virtual Assistant

Ashley will help you schedule your lesson easily and quickly! Ashley assists with most aspects of A Higher Note LLC's studio administration and marketing.

What Clients Say

"My pitch, tone, and range have improved dramatically..."

Sean E.

“I came to Natalie tone-deaf, at 23 years old, with no singing experience, never having sung in a chorus or ensemble of any kind. I now have the technique and confidence to sing out whenever I have the time. My pitch, tone, and range have improved dramatically. If you take lessons from her, heed her advice, and practice diligently, you will not be disappointed.”

"Natalie is very good at meeting people where they are ... and pushing them to their better potential."

Monica S.

“I am a classically trained musician in voice and piano, but had always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I learned about a higher note and found Natalie to be incredibly good at her job. She was very good with me as an adult learner. In general, I think that Natalie is very good at meeting people where they are; helping to encourage people where they needed it and pushing them to their better potential.” _M.S.

"...everything you could want or expect from your instructor."

Ed L.

"Natalie has truly been a blessing for my girls. At the conclusion of the very first lesson I could hear the difference in their voices. Focused, projected, strong. And the improvements kept coming. Lessons focused on vocal exercises, breathing techniques, phrasing. In other words, everything you could want or expect from your instructor. ... Natalie cares not only about what she’s teaching, but whom. And I found that to be of the greatest benefit to my girls. Her easy-going manner and warmth immediately set my girls at ease, allowing them to sing unencumbered and unafraid. Confident. And with confidence potential is limitless!”

Anne H., Former Voice Student

"I’ve improved my vocal technic and quality."

Anne H.

“I’ve been taking voice lessons from Natalie for a couple of months and just in the short time, I’ve improved my vocal technic and quality. I’m almost 40 years old and wish I would have started voice lessons a long time ago. There is so much more to singing than I realized. Natalie is extremely knowledgable, experienced and provides an easy and comfortable learning environment. She also video records each lesson so I can go back and practice exercises and recall our conversations and helpful tips. If you are thinking about voice lessons, I would recommend calling Natalie.” _A.H.

"Thank you so much for giving me such a great start."

Lori P.

I can’t express to you enough how much I love learning to play the guitar. It’s been an amazing creative outlet. Thank you so much for giving me such a great start. Your kindness and positivity gave me the courage and confidence to try something I’d always only fantasized about. I’ve wanted to sing and play the guitar since I was a young child and now I’m actually making it happen. I will never forget the role you played in getting me started. I hope all is good with you and that you are happy inspiring others to make music. It’s something you do so well.

"The changes in the last 2 years are nothing short of remarkable."

Sandi W.

My 12 year old granddaughter has been a voice student of Natalie’s for two years. She started out a rather reluctant participant with all the confidence issues of most 10 year old girls. The changes in the last 2 years are nothing short of remarkable. I am beginning to see a confident, self-assured vocalist emerging. One of the most encouraging things about studying with Natalie is that she teaches her students more than singing. She concentrates on the theory and how to use their voice to their utmost. She is a very patient and caring individual and that is very evident in her teaching style. Due to her encouragement and instruction my granddaughter is now singing with joy and exuberance to groups of 25 – 500.”

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