Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Let It Shine!!!
Sr. Rosetta Tharpe
If the Christian faith is in your wheelhouse, GET ON UP and praise the Lord!!!!
Even if it’s not, you’ll be swinging in your seat and getting to your feet with the rhythms this ahead-of-her-time bluesy, swinging sister brought to the stage with her praise singing and guitar playing!

Thank you to KD French on Facebook for this post on Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who was clearly making it happen for the Lord in music – bringing a smile to everyone’s face in the venue, no doubt! And her backing band brings it right alongside her!
(How can you not smile? how can you not move? how can you keep from singing, with all that energy, joy, musical excellence, and rhythm???)
Keep singing and letting your own little light shine!
By the way, I don’t know the year of this recording (early 60s, perhaps?), but the ethnic composition of this band – in the Lord – does not escape me, y’all. In the Lord, there is unity (Jn. 17); there MUST be.
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