Are you a singer who has dreams for using your voice?

Do you have a plan in place to make your dreams happen?

For 3 days, focus on making your singing dreams a reality:

Do you ever wonder...

"How can I make my voice good enough to do what I want to do with my voice?"

"What should I do for my singing practice today?"
(Assuming you have a vocal practice in place...)

"Are the exercises I'm using doing what I need them to do to achieve my dreams of singing and performing?"

"How do I strategically approach my vocal-development progress, but still have it be enjoyable?"

Wonder no more.

Our FREE 3-Day Vocal Foundations Training course is here to help and guide you toward achieving your singing dreams.

Cut off years of floundering around, wondering if you'll ever do something with your voice.

Cut short those hours, weeks, & months you've spent worrying & wondering how you'd ever get your voice good enough for what your dreams are.

In 3 days, and before you know it, with a bit of thought, work, dreaming, and planning, you'll grow your Vocal Foundation in such a way that you'll be able to

  • Visualize your singing dreams with crystal clarity
  • Lay out the plan it takes to achieve that vision, and
  • Identify the precise steps you’ll need to take to complete that plan.​

You want to make something of your voice.

This course is for you, whether your dreams are simple and personal, ambitious and public, or anywhere in-between.

Make sure your efforts count.

Spend five to six days with me doing this free training:
You'll receive three emails, every other day, with links to videos.
Watch the three short training videos.
Work a bit each day on the assignments.
Before your very eyes, your vision for your voice will crystalize and the plan and path to get there will become clear.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for your voice and your dreams.

You'll receive 3 emails, delivered over the course of 5 days...

What student-clients say...

M. Swain

Maddie S.

“Your instruction was a turning point in her growth as a singer.”

“I came to Natalie tone-deaf, at 23 years old, with no singing experience, never having sung in a chorus or ensemble of any kind. I now have the technique and confidence to sing out whenever I have the time. My pitch, tone, and range have improved dramatically.”

Sean E.