Hi! I’m Natalie Eastman, owner and principle educator at A Higher Note LLC. I teach music lessons online and in my home studio, currently Natalie Eastman, Owner/Founder of AHNlocated in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The three instruments I teach are voice, guitar, and piano, and have also taken on a few beginner bass guitar students. My primary instrument is voice; so if singing lessons or vocal coaching is your desire or need, I’d love to meet you and see how we might work together. I teach them all, though; so if you would like to get started with guitar, piano or bass, please reach out to us! We hope to hear from you soon.


Under the moniker A Higher Note LLC, Natalie Eastman has enthusiastically and clearly taught people to sing, and helped singers to sing better, for 24 years. Her client list includes two Miss America contestants and many gigging artists, as well as singers who offer their voices locally in choirs, bands, weddings, music theater and other extraordinary performances.

Dr. Eastman has performed in both leads and supporting roles, as well as in the choruses in community-theater musicals, summer-stock style musicals, and other stage performances at churches and in schools; wedding and special-events; dinner theater in D.C.; Broadway-style entertainment on the Spirit of Washington cruise ship; choral societies; The Washington Savoyards, a Gilbert & Sullivan society; community chorus; university choruses; a cappella groups; select choirs; church choirs; worship bands and acoustic worship teams; and early childhood music education (Kindermusik(TM), Musical Adventures, and Music Together(TM), including owning a Kindermusik(TM) studio for several years). Natalie has also performed as soloist for many weddings, receptions, and other events and been involved in all manner of meaningful, enjoyable – and fun – singing from early childhood throughout adulthood.

Natalie’s vocal studies include technique and performance under the late Earle and Norma Lowder (classical, spiritual, sacred, folk, and music theater in both choral and solo settings), Gary Bradberry (classical, spiritual), Karen Schmidt (classical), Morris Beachy (classical), Bonnie Bradley (classical), David Troupe (music theater, Broadway style), Margaret Riddleberger (Bel Canto+Mizzar) and the late Jeannie Deva (contemporary). She has also self-studied to completion the published materials from several pedagogues and methods, including Estelle Liebling’s classic “Vocal Courses,” Seth Riggs’s “Singing for the Stars,” Jeannie Deva’s Contemporary Vocalist Course, Per Bristow’s “Sing with Freedom” and “The Singing Zone,” and Brett Manning’s “Singing Success.”

Dr. Eastman also believes in and teaches a whole-person approach to singing. She is determined that, in addition to acquiring and applying good foundational vocal technique, all of her students study to understand their physical vocal and respiratory apparatuses, so they understand the “whys” and “hows” of powerful, expressive, healthy singing. 

Natalie believes musical creativity and expression to be one of the most soul-fulfilling activities a human can explore and enjoy. Thus, her desire and hope is for all people of all ages to sing – healthfully and joyfully – from their first moment of vocal production to their final rest.

Guitar, Piano, and Bass

Natalie also loves playing acoustic guitar, piano, and electric bass, and has taught these instruments at the beginner and advanced-beginner level for over twenty years. So, connect with her through A Higher Note LLC’s contact info today to schedule your lessons. Keep reading…

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“If you are looking for music lessons via internet or in Chattanooga, TN, please do take a look around the A Higher Note LLC site. Read the testimonials and look through our policies. See if it all looks like a good fit for you. Then, take a minute to drop me a line at either 740-513-1427 or info@ahighernote.com. I’d love to hear from you and discuss your singing, vocal performance, guitar, or piano dreams and goals and how we can help you achieve them.”
_Natalie Eastman


admin · July 3, 2017 at 7:49 PM

Hello – thanks for connecting and for checking out A Higher Note’s site! (How did you come across it?) I came through the children’s ministry and youth group/choir in the late 70s and first half of the 80s. This was during the period of time that Mr. Lowder died and Mrs. Lowder carried on with the assistance of other choral directors. Happily and thankfully, I was blessed to have several years with Mr. Lowder as youth choir director before he passed and received his renown weekly phone calls before sectionals. As a self-conscious freshman in high school, I dreaded those calls; but later in HS and certainly later in life I realized his devotion and care, not just to “choir,” but to each of us and our personal, spiritual, and social formation.
Every summer meant the musicals, too, for my brother and me. Our lives revolved around youth choir and the BUM youth.
And, Jim, Holy smokes – you got to page-turn for Mrs. Lowder’s toccata: THE Toccata, IMO! The very best Widor undertaking in the world! LOL She was, in a word, awesome, and so humble about it, as was Mr. Lowder. Clearly, to me they’ll always be “Mr. and Mrs. Lowder”!

Jim Croley · July 1, 2017 at 1:31 PM

I was in youth and adult choirs with Earle and Norma Lowder at Bellaire Methodist Church in Bellaire, Texas. (1955-1958) They were two of my all-time favorite people. I was a so-so singer but Earle was able to teach me to do my best. Norma had me turn pages for her (ONCE) for a Widor toccata.
Where did you know them?

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