Some of you read “Higher Notes” and/or have have opted in to my email communications because you saw one of my One-Thing, Thirty-Minute Expert Interviews. Or maybe simply because I asked you to and you were willing to do that. (Thank you!) (That helps me with disciplining myself to write helpful emails and other content for you. ☺️ ) Others found our website and opted in of their own free-will (many, many thanks!).

So, what I’d like to know right-off-the-bat is…

What do you want to know?

  • What kinds of information, training, or other things would you like to read from me?
  • What will be helpful to you?
  • Do you need training and tips on goal setting or motivation for practice?
  • Developing discipline to practice your music?
  • Technique tips and/or exercises for specific vocal needs?
  • Advice on guitar, piano, or ukulele playing?

Please make your mark and change history – or at least help chart the course of my writing and the material my readers will receive via emails and this blog.

How can I submit my requests?

By leaving your comments, feedback, and/or requests below in the comments area.

Please give your feedback!

Submit your training/info/tips requests in the Comments below!

My desire is that any posts I create or emails I send will be helpful, as well as brief, for all our sakes. 🙂

Many thanks,

You can opt-in to emails here:

Please place your requests in the comments below!


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