What Do You Want to Know?

Some of you read “Higher Notes” and/or have have opted in to my email communications simply because I asked you to and were willing to do that for 7 days. (Thank you! I’ll take what I can get, because I need the practice at disciplining myself to write helpful emails and other content for you. :-)) Others found our website and opted in of their own free-will (many, many thanks!).

So, what I’d like to know right-off-the-bat is what you want to know.

What kinds of information, training, or other things would you like to read from me? What will be helpful to you? Goal setting? Developing discipline to practice your music? Specific technique tips and advice?

Please make your mark and change history – or at least on this blog and in the lives of those reading this – by leaving your comments, feedback, and/or requests below in the comments area.

Please give your feedback!
Service Button Meaning Help Support And Assistance

My desire is that any posts I create or emails I send will be helpful, as well as brief, for all our sakes. 🙂

Many thanks,

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