Free Training for YOU: 3-Day Vocal Foundations Training Course for On-Purpose Singers

Did you know about all of the free training we offer right here on our website? All for you. One thing that’s helped a lot of singers is our “Vocal Foundations Training” course:

3-Day Vocal Foundation Training

This short-but-packed course started out as one of those ever-popular “5-Day Challenges” that became all the rage during Covid and often/usually take place within a group in Facebook. This one did, too. That FB Group is still there and the group is still active/open for those who participate in the course, but I decided to convert it into an automated course people can get any time, not just when I’m running it as a Challenge.

Some of you will ignore or even scoff at it precisely because it’s free. Don’t make that mistake.

I could charge $47-$97 for this course, with the information and value I’ve included; but instead you get it for nothing. Why?

  • So there’d be no reason for anyone not to do it.
  • So you’ll do it and report back to me what value you got out of it.
  • So maybe after you complete it, you’ll be willing to do a video and written testimonial for me saying what it did for your singing and your vocal practice.
  • So I could also tell you about my membership program, the “Keep Singing!” System, which is, hands down, the best value on the world-wide web for an online singing instruction and group vocal coaching program. (See below. This page isn’t about the, so I’ll put it at the bottom.)

What’s This Training All About?

Who Is This Training For?

Any singer serious about establishing excellent vocal-development habits.

Foundation Training? Exactly What Topics Does the VFT Course Cover?

  • Dreaming: What Do I Want to Do with My Voice?
  • Crafting Vision-Based Goals
  • Designing a Daily Vocal Practice that is built upon and supports your vision

What Do I Get If I Opt In?

  • Email delivery.* Three emails will be sent to you, with a day between each email (so, on days 1, 3 & 5). Each email will contain…
    • a brief written introduction to the training topic that day
    • a link to the brief video training
    • when applicable, a link to any printable resources that go along with the training.
  • Video training. Each video is between 10 and 20 minutes. It’s very “consumable” and everything is action-oriented, so you can implement right away.
  • Facebook group for extra support and for virtual rubbing shoulders with other like-minded singers who are, like you, serious about establishing excellent vocal-development habits.

* Make sure you get the emails delivered to you correctly by “whitelistinng” these emails in your email account Contact list:

  • Info{at}ahighernote{dot}com
  • Natalie{at}highernote{dot}com
  • Support{at}highernote{dot}com

If you have any problems with the automation, let us know using our Contact form here on the website. We’ll be happy to help.

Make today the day you decide to get a better singing voice.

Get the voice you’ve been wanting.

Get all this:

Better Range
Better Tone
Better Pitch
Better Support
Better Vocal Agility
Sing Longer
No Vocal Blowout
Better Confidence

And I’m here to help you do all of that with a ridiculous offer.

Let me tell you about AHN’s flagship program,
The “Keep Singing!” System:

Keep Singing program

It’s everything you need to sing better and keep singing…
all at a wildly affordable price.

I did my market research, so I can say this with confidence:you won’t find a more value- and benefits- packed program at this price. Go ahead and look. You absolutely should do your research.

  • You will certainly find bad, good, and excellent singing instruction programs online.
  • You’ll find bad, good, and excellent group vocal coaching online.
  • You’ll find programs ranging from around a hundred and up to several thousand dollars per year, even without 1-1 coaching you’ll see programs that are into the thousands because they’re developed by someone who has lots of famous clients and students, whose names you’ll know and be impressed by; and those instructors can and do charge more for their courses. Fair enough.
  • You’ll find groups with and without the encouragement, energy, feedback-potential, and collaborative opportunities of a private member area (that’s not on Facebook, for those of you who are FB-averse). Most of those communities will be on FB, though.
  • You’ll find groups with and without live group Q&A’s, live hotseat opportunities, and all of the trainings, events, and everything recorded and kept for you to learn from as soon as you can.
  • But, try as you may, you won’t find another vocal development program with ALL of these elements, opportunities, and benefits. And you won’t find one that has all of the elements the Keep Singing! System program has for the price at which A Higher Note is offering it.

Whether you get it during the ridiculously-low, wildly-generous December price or you get it some time between January and November…


& you’re ready to stop making excuses and start working on it.
(And I say that in the most loving way.)

Even after the promotions are over and the program’s at its regular price, it will still be better than any program out there for all that it offers.

It’s a huge claim, I know. So, don’t take my word for it. Go do your research. But do yourself a favor and also go read the Information page for the KS!S program now and register today:

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