So you don’t live near A Higher Note LLC, but you’d like to have weekly lessons or vocal coaching for an upcoming audition or gig? In addition to our signature program, “Sing Again! Get Your Voice Back”, A Higher Note LLC music studio offers internet video lessons and consultations. You can now have a lesson or consultation in the comfort of your own home through the magic of conferencing software. 

Our studio is equipped for online lessons and with broadband high speed internet to provide the best quality video lessons possible.

If this works for you, let’s get started. Call 740-513-1427 now to schedule your lessons!

Benefits of Online Lessons

We don’t recommend you wear your pajamas, but with this technology you can dress comfortably, stay home and use your comfortable furniture and floor space, avoid traffic, and save precious gasoline by having your private lessons through a webcam video chat.

System Requirements

To have a video lesson or consultation with Natalie Eastman, you must have a high speed internet connection; a reliable laptop, desktop, or handheld device (larger screen is better); and a video camera with both audio and video enabled. Lessons are given using webinar software: YouTube Live or Hangouts or Zoom (Zoom is our currently-preferred service). 

Additional System Considerations: Computer Memory/Space

Your device must be able to run Zoom or Youtube Live software. Think capacity: if your system’s storage capacity is always close-to-full or running low on memory, you’re going to need to clean it up a bit to free up room for an optimal experience using the software. Videos tend to be memory hogs. That said, once the video lesson or session with your AHN instructor is completed, the video is hosted in the cloud, either on AHN’s YouTube channel or on our conference-service provider’s server, so it doesn’t have to take up space on your hard drive.

Policies for Internet Lessons

  1. All normal A Higher Note LLC policies for local students apply, except that there is a $5 convenience fee for each internet lesson. 
  2. Additional considerations:
    1. Connection: You must have a reliable, broadband internet connection, an effective computer (later-model is ideal, but not required), and a web camera.
    2. Location: You must be able to position yourself within a well-lit location without a lot of exterior distractions or noise and with plenty of light.
    3. Computer Memory/Space: your device must be able to run Zoom or Youtube Live software. (See “System Requirements,” above.)

Fees for Internet Lessons

Private Lessons via Internet

60 minutes – $65

45 minutes – $50

30 minutes – $35

Group Lessons via Internet

If you have a group that would like to do group lessons webinar-style, we can do that using Zoom’s conferencing/webinar software. 

We can easily host a group lesson for up to 8 students who would be able to interact directly with Natalie Eastman. We will set the whole thing up. Fees are below.

If your class has 2–4 Students:

60 minutes – $45/each

45 minutes – $35/each

30 minutes – $24/each

If your class has 5–8 Students:

60 minutes – $35/each

45 minutes – $27/each

30 minutes – $19/each

The 9th Student and Following

If you have more than 8 students in your group, the first eight (first-come, first-served) would be assigned to direct-video-interaction position and would be charged at the rates outlined above.

Beyond those first eight students, additional students can attend as viewers with chat privileges. They will still be able to clearly see Natalie Eastman teaching and will be able to see and hear the “first 8” video students’ questions, answers, and conversations, but can’t interact directly except through chat. Fees for group student #9 and following are as follows:

60 minutes – $20/each

45 minutes – $15/each

30 minutes – $10/each


Is the video and sound quality good?

Yes! If you are using a high speed internet connection then video and audio calls come out very clear. Our studio uses high internet connection speed.

Are online lessons effective?

Yes! Performing artists and vocal students all over the world use internet video technology to start and further their vocal education when they are touring, when they move away, or simply because it fits better into their busy lifestyle. Instructors everywhere use internet video technology to teach clients all over the globe.

Why does an internet lesson cost more than an in-person lesson?

Essentially, having lessons via internet is a truly convenient option for students (or parents, when parents are involved). This is wonderful. It does, however, create extra work/time and expense for the lesson provider. Here are some considerations:

  • There is extra prep- and post-lesson work time before and after each internet lesson. That equals time on our end.
  • Extra communication considerations before, during, and after the lesson are involved when working together via internet. A few examples: extra videos are created for demonstration purposes. extra materials are created for the sake of clarity.
  • The conferencing service costs AHN a decently-hefty monthly fee.

Are lessons recorded?

Yes! Each lesson is recorded so that you always have a copy for your practice and to which you can refer.

Is there a minimum age for internet lessons?

Not really. For your child’s safety and the comfort level of parents, however, a parent or guardian of a minor (under 18)  would need to sign a specific release form for internet lessons. For children 10 years of age or under, consideration needs to be given to attention span. Also, please consider the child’s facility with a computer and the internet; either a parent/guardian may run the online session (computer, camera, device, etc.) or ensure the child has the capability to run the system.