So you’d like to have weekly singing lessons or perhaps you need some vocal coaching for an upcoming audition or gig. But you’re busy. You don’t want to commute for lessons – you don’t want to waste time and gas in traffic. Or maybe you want the security, privacy, and comfort of being in your own space at home, work, or wherever. Or maybe you just want to work with Dr. Natalie, because she’s the voice instructor you want to work with.

We get it and we have great news: You can have a lesson or consultation in the comfort of your own home through the magic of conferencing software created specifically for musicians!  

In addition to our signature course-based and group-coaching program Keep Singing! music studio offers online private lessons and consultations. Our studio is equipped for online lessons and with broadband, high speed internet to provide the best quality video lessons possible.

If this works for you, let’s get started. Call 740-513-1427 now to schedule your lessons!

Benefits of Online Lessons (There Are Many!)

We don’t recommend you wear your pajamas, but with the technology available to you through AHN’s online lessons and coaching or our KS! program instruction, you can dress comfortably, stay home, use your own comfortable furniture and floor space, avoid wasting time in traffic, and save precious gasoline by having your lessons through your computer’s webcam. Pretty nifty.

System Requirements

To have a video lesson or consultation with Dr. Natalie Eastman, you’ll need these arrangements:

  • a reliable, high speed internet connection
  • a reliable laptop, desktop. To use, you will need a laptop or desktop. If we’re using a different platform, one of the backups, it’s possible you might be able to use a handheld device (larger screen is better; phone not recommended but use one if you absolutely must).
  • a video camera with both audio and video enabled
  • a microphone
  • Chrome browser
  • earphones/earbuds (preferably chorded, not bluetooth. Using bluetooth headphones increases latency, although it’s not the end of the world to use them)

You need to have the Chrome browser, because all of the best cloud-based, audio- and video-focused applications are usually optimized for Chrome and might not run/work on any other browser.

The Lesson Platforms We Use

We use, which was created by a singer who is also a CompSci whiz and programmer, for singers and specifically for teaching singing lessons online. Backups are: 4DCreatives Connect Jam (also created by a musician for musicians, although not specifically made for singing), Online Studio through (similar to 4D Connect Jam: by musician for musicians, but not specifically created for singing). As a backup to the backups, we use Zoom. Zoom wasn’t created for music but still serves us well in the event that the other apps are having issues, because that does happen.

Additional System Considerations: Computer Memory/Space

Your device must be able to run  software. Think about your computer’s capacity: if your system’s storage capacity is always close-to-full or running low on memory, you’re going to need to clean it up a bit to free up room for an optimal experience using the software. Video and audio heavy applications, and the videos they create, tend to be memory hogs. 

Policies & Fees

A Higher Note LLC policies and fees.


Is the video and sound quality good?

Yes! If you are using a high speed internet connection then video and audio calls come out very clear.

What if I don’t have a computer?

Don’t have a computer yet? That would indeed be a problem. A phone or device run on wifi or cellular connection can work with a few of the apps, but not for You’d need a computer. If you don’t have one you can borrow and use regularly, here are a few affordable options to consider. These are all Amazon Affiliate products. (This means: they won’t cost you any extra, but A Higher Note will receive a small (very small) commission from Amazon for referring the product to our site visitors.) We’re not particularly endorsing any of these, although we are very partial to Apple products; they’re just ideas to get you started as you research for yourself:

Are online lessons effective?

Yes! Performing artists and vocal students all over the world use internet lesson technology to start and further their vocal education or to get coaching on specific vocal, performance, and technique issues while they are touring, when they move/travel, or simply because it fits better into their busy lifestyle. Instructors everywhere use internet technology to teach clients all over the globe.

Are lessons recorded?

Yes! Well, usually. 🙂 (Sometimes the instructor forgets to hit the “Record” button, because, well, we’re all human. But generally: yes!) Each lesson is recorded so that you always have a copy for your practice and to which you can refer. Depending on which platform your lesson occurs on, the recording might be stored in the cloud or it might be sent to you for downloading to store and view on your own computer.

Is there a minimum age for internet lessons?

Not really. For your child’s safety and the comfort level of parents, however, a parent or guardian of a minor (under 18)  would need to sign a specific release form for internet lessons. For children 10 years of age or under, consideration needs to be given to attention span. Also, please consider the child’s facility with a computer and the internet; either a parent/guardian may run the online session (computer, camera, device, etc.) or ensure the child has the capability to run the system.

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