Fitness Instructor 💪🏽, YouTube Personality, Bestselling Author 📚, Former Professional Singer & Performer 🎤
…And Really Fun Guy!

Host: Natalie R. W. Eastman
A Higher Note LLC

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About Coach Sean Vigue

From his website: Sean Vigue is the most-followed online Yoga and Pilates instructor worldwide with millions of followers in over 100 countries. His training is used by athletes of all ages and fitness levels from elite professionals to basic beginners. Sean guarantees you will drastically improve your physical and mental athletic performance each time you train with him. No weights. No machines. Only your bodyweight is needed and the immediate improvements will astound you!

From me, Natalie: I have followed Sean and done his yoga and pilates workouts for nearly five years. I turned my husband on to his videos and have even done his workouts with my kids! Sean is funny, fun, sincere, musical (read: bursts into semi-random songs from all genres in his beautiful and robust voice throughout any given workout, no matter how difficult it is or what position he’s in), super-fit, challenging, encouraging, joyful, faith-filled, family-oriented, and a fantastic fitness coach!

Sean Vigue, Fitness Instructor

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