1 Great Reason Why You Absolutely Should Take Those Lessons You’ve Been Wanting to Take

Let’s talk for just a minute about why, if you’ve been thinking about it at all, you absolutely should pursue voice lessons. This applies to learning an instrument, too.

I think some people talk themselves out of taking lessons they really want to take because they think they aren’t good enough. But remember, that’s just the point! The point is to get better at what you love to do, and pursue excellence at what you already do well. Don’t worry that you don’t have a “platform” yet for singing or playing. Pursue your excellence and passion and the opportunities will come, or you will pursue and/or create them over time because you can’t help yourself. This is true whether you’re 15, 27, 53, or 78.


No one can do it like you!

Here’s why I believe you should go ahead and pursue lessons with WHATEVER it is you’re considering:

Sure, it’s possible you might turn out to be the next Luciano Pavarotti, “Piano Guys” piano or cello player, Katy Perry, or Neil Peart playing the most amazing drum licks in the world (imo :-); but it doesn’t matter whether you turn out to be “world class” or not. The fact of the matter is that no one ever was, is, or will be wired the way you’re wired mentally and emotionally, nor will they have the same life experiences as you. And structurally no one’s body, breathing apparatus is created like you.

There never has been and never will be another you.

– And thus no one (absolutely NO one) will write, interpret, and/or perform a piece in the way you interpret and communicate it. And people will connect with YOU and the way YOU approach and present your numbers, whether that’s friends and family members, the folks in your town at the local karaoke place, on youtube, or on the world’s largest stages.

The world needs you; so go get yourself ready.

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