Tubas are awesome!

I hear it’s going to rain for a few days, so maybe this will give you something fun to do. 🙂 Tubas are really cool-sounding instruments – they make the really, really low sounds in brass bands, orchestras, and other musical ensembles (groups).

Here’s a demonstration:https://youtu.be/yTnhDFxEfwQ

Here’s how a tuba is made: https://youtu.be/1kfdxvNXIyk

Here’s a really, really big tuba: https://youtu.be/OK1GDkvFdL4

Here’s a tuba “battle” between the tuba sections of two university marching bands: https://youtu.be/ZVlS64b_4K8
Which one do you think sounds better?

Here’s a choir of tubas, showing how beautiful tuba music can be: https://youtu.be/8A3Yqt9-sQQ

Here’s a different kind of horn that also plays really low notes. It’s called an alphorn: https://youtu.be/K_qp26NHyTg

Here’s how Alphorns are madehttps://youtu.be/PBVA-mvzkUE

The University of Texas Mighty Longhorn Band!

No collection of tuba stuff would be complete without some marching band tubas! The image to the left is my university alma mater’s band: The University of Texas Mighty Longhorn Band!

My husband’s alma mater, the Ohio State University, has another one of the best university marching bands in the world. They really make a big deal out of who gets to “dot the i” of the word Ohio before games. It’s quite a sight to see! Here, you can watch from the center of the stands: https://youtu.be/Sw5L62u6HjU

And in the next video of the OSU band, you get to “ride inside” the tuba bell belonging to the tuba player who had the honor of “dotting the i” of the “script Ohio.” https://youtu.be/G6kJu6hlSqQ  Starting at 4:17, can you count how many tubas are in the band, besides the “i-dotter”?

I hope this has been a fun, interesting, and informative distraction/diversion for you and/or your kids!

In the comments below, let us know your favorite tuba video or image (copy in the link).

If you play tuba, let us know that in the comments, too. If you want, you may link to a video of you playing your tuba!


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