Our L1 Kindermusik class is following the “Sing & Play” unit called… (drumroll, please)
I Can Do That! Kindermusik L1_SP_ICDTWith our babies and earliest toddlers, we are focusing on relating and socializing because relating and social connections for toddlers produce emotionally and socially healthy people!

Lesson Focus: The Social and Emotional Toddler

People, toddlers included, crave social connections. It’s one of the reasons we have hundreds of Facebook friends. However, social and emotional connections involve more than just making friends. Did you know those connections also prime our brains for learning and remembering? As y’all may know, at the time of writing this post my family just recently celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday. As she grows older, I see firsthand the connection between her social relationships, her ability to continue functioning and learning, and her memory. Heck, I see it in myself.

At Kindermusik, we get it. We know the importance of your toddler making emotional and social connections with you—and with other children and adults. In fact, joyfully playing together in class teaches children that they are loved, important, and fun to be around. So, when we ask and implement each child’s idea for singing hello, point out a new way a child plays with an instrument, or engage in a game of peekaboo with scarves, your child receives positive social-emotional messages. Seeing you enjoy playing with him in class and at home offers your child the self-confidence he will need to build strong and loving relationships throughout his life.

How about You?

Everyday Connection: What’s so funny

Be silly with your toddler. Have tickle fights. Make funny noises or goofy faces. Laughing together creates social bonds and healthy emotional attachments. Plus, laughing strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress—and is just plain fun!

Read Up

Here’s an article on how Kindermusik classes encourage healthy social-emotional development in children.

What Do You Do?

What do you do – intentionally or unintentionally – to create social and emotional connections with your toddler? Please share in the comments below!

Kindermusik Classes Encourage Social & Emotional Development in Children!

Kindermusik Classes Encourage Social & Emotional Development in Children!




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