My Kindermusik Class Schedule at The Bright School

Kindermusik(TM) at Cadek Music Conservatory, where I teach private lessons and Kindermusik) is opening a new location at The Bright School. I will teach all Bright School location Kindermusik classes through May 2019. Here is the currently-published schedule for Kindermusik classes at the Bright School:

Spring 2019 Class Schedule @ The Bright School

Foundations (Ages: birth through 24 months):

  • Tuesdays: 9:15-10 a.m.
  • Thursdays: 8:15-9 a.m.

Level 2 (Ages 18 months plus several developmental criteria*, through 36 months):

  • Tuesdays: 8:15-9 a.m.
  • Thursdays: 9:15-10 a.m. and 10:15-11 a.m. (open to special needs)

Level 3:

  • Thursdays: 2-2:45 p.m.

*Developmental Criteria: 

If your child is in between age levels, the instructor can help you in determining the right class. Here are some developmental milestones that help your instructor and you determine the most appropriate class for your child.

Foundations vs. Level 2?

For the best experience in a Level 2 class, a child should display these type of developmental milestones:

    • Vocabulary of approximately 150-300 words


    • Can name a number of objects common to surroundings



    • Uses some simple adjectives (big, happy)


    • Approximately 2/3 of what child says is intelligible


  • Responds to commands such as “show me your eyes (nose, mouth, hair)”

Level 2 vs. Level 3?

For the best experience in a Level 3 class, a child should display these type of developmental milestones:

    • Vocabulary 900-1000 words


    • States name


    • Knows at least three prepositions (in, on, under)


    • Knows chief parts of body and can both indicate and name body parts


    • Handles three word sentences easily


    • Able to reason out simple questions


    • Should be able to give name, age, sex


  • Understands most simple questions dealing with his environment and activities

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