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Keep Singing! Online Group Singing Instruction & Vocal Coaching Program

For singers of all shapes, ages, goals, and sounds who want to improve their voice

As much as possible in six months 

With as much training and coaching as possible

As soon as possible

As flexibly as possible

For the best price possible.

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Registration (One-Time) + Monthly Payment (Subscription)

$297 One-Time Registration Fee
$197 Monthly
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FOR 2022 ONLY:
To participate in the PILOT program, your Registration Fee is only
$197 (one-time)
$97 monthly

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Keep Singing program

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$297 Registration Fee


FOR 2022 ONLY:
To participate in the PILOT program,
your Registration Fee is only $197.

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Keep Singing program

Monthly Payment (Subscription) ONLY

$197 Monthly
(This is a monthly-subscription payment.)

FOR 2022 ONLY:
To participate in the PILOT program, your Monthly Payment is only $97.

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Meet The Program Instructor & Coach, Natalie Eastman

I came to Natalie tone-deaf, at 23 years old, with no singing experience, never having sung in a chorus or ensemble of any kind. I now have the technique and confidence to sing out whenever I have the time. My pitch, tone, and range have improved dramatically.” _S.E.

“I had been an instrumental musician (and embarrassingly bad vocalist) for forty years and finally decided that I should learn to sing. Natalie is an amazingly intuitive, focused, smart teacher. We had limited time because she was moving to Ohio and the progress I made in that time surprised me. She skipped ear training and theory and all the things I didn’t need. She taught me lots of mechanics and how to breathe, in other words, exactly what I needed to learn. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher.” _D.A.

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