Private Lessons – AHN Studio Policies & Agreement (Downloadable PDF)

Establishing a Student Account with AHN:

All new/prospective and/or current AHN music students and their parent/guardian/payor where applicable, must register for a student account within our cloud-based studio administration software, which is called Music Teacher’s Helper (“MTH”). You may do that by clicking here:

When you complete that form, we will be notified and your account will wait in a queue until we activate it. Once we have activated it, the MTH system will automatically notify you. Through your MTH account, you will be able to view the scheduler, communicate with your instructor, read lesson notes, access links to lesson recordings, track your practice, create and track your performance repertoire, access learning resources, manage your payments, make payments, view invoices, and more.

Fees for Private Lessons

Annual Payment – Bonus Available!!

The annual payment is one payment for the entire year and paid up-front before the lessons begin.

If you choose to pay annually, we will provide you with TWO BONUS LESSONS of the same length as your usual lessons! These must be claimed/requested by you and scheduled with your Instructor by mutual agreement at your mutual convenience. The two BONUS lessons may be taken any time during your contiguous 12-month enrolment year!

One-Time Payment Amounts:

  • 1-hour lessons – $2880, or $2965 if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $70)
  • 45-minute lessons – $2160, or $2223 if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $52.50)
  • 30-minute lessons – $1440, or $1483 if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $35)

Flat-Tuition Monthly Fees:

  • 1-hour lessons – $240/month, paid over 12 months by subscription, or $248/month if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $70)
  • 45-minute lessons – $180/month, paid over 12 months by subscription, or $186/month if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $52.50)
  • 30-minute lessons – $120/month, paid over 12 months by subscription, or $124/month if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $35)

Standalone Lessons

Don’t want a 12-Month Agreement? A Higher Note LLC’s solution is Standalone Lessons. “Standalone lessons” are individual lessons, with no obligation to continue. Standalone lessons can be used for…

  • Vocal consultations
  • Short-term vocal coaching sessions
  • Other instrument lessons
  • Trial lessons. This is for students (or parents, as applicable) who want to try out a lesson or two or three before committing long-term. 
  • Lessons taken before a student’s Agreement kicks in on the 1st of a month.

Standalone Lesson Fees

  • 1 Hour – $75 (If paying with PayPal: $78)
  • 45 minutes – $57.50 (If paying with PayPal: $60)
  • 30 minutes – $40 (If paying with PayPal: $42)

Private Lessons Payment Methods & Specifics 

Please see the downloadable document, AHN Studio Agreement & Policies, at the top of this page. Contact us via the Contact form if you have difficulty accessing that file.

Focused Group Coaching Opportunities:

You might find that one of our two highly-focused online Group Coaching programs lights you up! Read about them here:

We have two online coaching opportunities:

  1. Keep Singing! Program:, designed for singers over the age of 40 who have a goal to sing with control, power, expression, skill, and joy until their parting breath! 
  2. Six-Month Coaching Intensive for serious singers ready to go all-in to transform their voice in as short a period of time as possible (requires application/acceptance to the program):

Payment Specifics for Gigs or Party Entertainment Services

  • For gigs or party entertainment services, please include any applicable additional mileage charges when computing your total. Email for your total.
  • Send deposit and/or payment to our Zelle email address:

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us Using Our online form here


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