Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for the following instruments:

  1. Voice – all levels, all styles
  2. Beginning Piano
  3. Beginning Acoustic Guitar
  4. Beginning Electric Bass Guitar

Fees – In-Studio

  • 30 Minutes — $30
  • 45 Minutes — $45
  • 60 Minutes — $60
  • 90 Minutes — $90

Please see our Policies page for, well, our policies and how to secure a lesson time slot. Also, see the Forms page for the forms you’ll need to complete and return to us.

Looking for Internet Lessons?

If you would prefer internet lessons or are not near the studio, web-based lessons might interest you. See our info page for internet lessons. Fees and policies are listed there.

Looking for Group Lessons?

If you are looking for group lessons, see our Group Lessons page. The maximum number of students we can fit into our studio for a small group lesson is 4. For more students than that, you might consider internet group lessons.

See our Internet Lessons page for web-based group lessons.


Contact us here.