Currently, all lessons are conducted online.

A Higher Note LLC offers online and in-person private lessons for the following instruments:

  1. Voice – all levels, all styles
  2. Beginning Piano
  3. Beginning Acoustic Guitar
  4. Beginning Electric Bass Guitar
  5. Beginning Ukulele

How to Begin:

Step 1

Please see our Policies page for 

  • AHN studio policies (Please, review the downloadable PDF policies & info handbook in its entirety.)
  • Pricing specifics
  • How to secure a lesson time slot

Step 2

Register as a student at our online studio management program.

Step 3

Read the forms you’ll need to complete, sign them, and return them to us before your first lesson:

  1. The “Agreement Form” found in the policies document: AHN Studio Policies & Agreement. This can be found on our General Policies page. Note that when you sign this Agreement form, you are stating that you have read, understood, and agree to our complete Studio policies.
  2. “Agreement to Practice” form

Step 4

Make payment. Return to our policies page and download the to learn what payment forms we accept.

Fees for Private Lessons

Annual Payment – Bonus Available!!

The annual payment is one payment for the entire year and paid up-front before the lessons begin.

If you choose to pay annually, we will provide you with TWO BONUS LESSONS of the same length as your usual lessons! These must be claimed/requested by you and scheduled with your Instructor by mutual agreement at your mutual convenience. The two BONUS lessons may be taken any time during your contiguous 12-month enrolment year!

One-Time Payment Amounts:

  • 1-hour lessons – $2880, or $2965 if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $70)
  • 45-minute lessons – $2160, or $2223 if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $52.50)
  • 30-minute lessons – $1440, or $1483 if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $35)

Flat-Tuition Monthly Fees:

  • 1-hour lessons – $240/month, paid over 12 months by subscription, or $248/month if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $70)
  • 45-minute lessons – $180/month, paid over 12 months by subscription, or $186/month if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $52.50)
  • 30-minute lessons – $120/month, paid over 12 months by subscription, or $124/month if paid by PayPal.
    (Lesson refund rate: $35)

Standalone Lessons

Don’t want a 12-Month Agreement? A Higher Note LLC’s solution is Standalone Lessons. “Standalone lessons” are individual lessons, with no obligation to continue. Standalone lessons can be used for…

  • Vocal consultations
  • Short-term vocal coaching sessions
  • Other instrument lessons
  • Trial lessons. This is for students (or parents, as applicable) who want to try out a lesson or two or three before committing long-term. 
  • Lessons taken before a student’s Agreement kicks in on the 1st of a month.

Standalone Lesson Fees

  • 1 Hour – $75 (If paying with PayPal: $78)
  • 45 minutes – $57.50 (If paying with PayPal: $60)
  • 30 minutes – $40 (If paying with PayPal: $42)

Looking for Group Lessons and/or Coaching?

We have Group Coaching for very specific kinds of singers with focused goals!

Here are two different online group coaching programs that might interest you. Both are currently in “beta,” so depending upon when you read this, there may or may not be a beta-testers opportunity available. See if either catches your eye:

  1. The Keep Singing! Online Group Instruction, Coaching, and Community: for singers over 40 who are dedicated to keeping their voice powerful, agile, controlled, expressive, and joyful until their parting breath!
  2. Transform Your Voice in Six Months in the “Six Months to a Solid Voice” Online Group Coaching Program! This is a six-month Intensive for serious singers ready to go all-in to transform their voice in as short a period of time as possible (requires application/acceptance to the program):

Don’t let the “private” versus “group” language fool you into thinking that a group coaching program wouldn’t give you as much benefit or opportunity as private lessons. In many, many ways, it gives much, much more. So, be sure to read the pages/descriptions to see what seems to catch your attention and make you start dreaming bigger dreams about your voice!


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