Another “One-Thing, Thirty-Minute Interview" in A Higher Note LLC's
Expert Interview Series!

Today's Special Guest: Robert Lunte

Master Vocal Coach and Clinician, Founder of The Vocalist Studio, Author of The 4 Pillars of Singing, and (Outstanding) Singer

About today's guest, Robert Lunte

Robert Lunte has lived his vocal dream. He studied with some of the legendary vocal instructors in the industry and achieved glory on the stage singing metal, rock, and everything he asked his voice to do! Then, he started helping other singers live their dreams, too, by teaching them to train as vocal athletes.

Robert developed a voice-science-based vocal methodology, which he has fully described in his book, The 4 Pillars of Singing. It provides everything a contemporary singer needs for training successfully to sing with power and influence. Since founding The Vocalist Studio, he has taught master classes in twelve countries and developed online vocal courses that are used by singers in more than 175 countries.

Robert Lunte

In this exciting interview

with Robert Lunte, hosted by moi, you'll gain a plethora of answers to questions like these (and more):

⦿ How do I get a powerful, great, sexy, amazing, agile [insert adjective of choice here] voice?
⦿ How long and how frequently do I need to practice to get some good results, until I experience some lasting gains in my vocal ability?
⦿ Should I rest my voice regularly?
⦿ What are the most important kinds of vocal exercises to do?
⦿ What mindset is important for a singer who wants to fully develop his or her voice?
⦿ What’s a vocal athlete?
⦿ How do I know when I’m progressing vocally?
⦿ How do I know when I should move on to a more challenging vocal workout – what are the markers I’m looking for and feeling for?

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