To hone your instrument – voice, guitar, piano, bass, or whatever instrument you’re in the process of mastering – you must practice.Repeated practice creates mastery.

How Are You Currently Making Time for Instrument Practice?

In the comments below, please share how you currently do your instrument practice. Start with what instrument(s) you practice. Then, please be specific about your when, where, and how of your practice habits.

Your home practice habits can inspire, motivate, and help others. How you’re personally doing it may seem obvious to you, but I can guarantee you that fitting practice into one’s schedule, where to practice, and how you practice is not obvious to everyone.

Not Currently Practicing?

If you’re not currently practicing, but you’ve felt a conviction that you indeed should be – and perhaps even feel badly about it – I want you to SHAKE IT (meaning your past practice habits – or lack thereof) OFF and move forward from this moment. You heard me: shake it off. Literally, shake your shoulders right now. Let go of the past habits (or non-habits, when it comes to practicing). Let go of the guilt. It’s done. Those choices were made and it’s time to move n and move forward with becoming more excellent at your instrument and that only comes with study and practice.

You can feel free to use this space as your “confessional” and hopefully get ideas, gain momentum, and make a commitment and (hugely important) a plan today to practice. Feel free to express your renewed (or new, if this whole concept of regular home practice is a huge surprise for you) intentions to practice. State precisely when, where, and how you will practice. Don’t be dramatic and go from no practice to ten hours a week. Not gonna happen. Be reasonable with yourself, but make a plan. “Failure to plan is planning to fail” – and all those other true maxims.

Please share your instrument (yes, including voice) practice habits below in the Comments! Thanks, in advance, for helping others in their practice efforts!


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