To Actively-Singing Singers who want to better their voice as quickly as possible:

Have you been thinking it’s time to take your voice and performance confidence up to the next level?

Do you have a vocal goal or gig upcoming for which you need to get your voice in shape?  

Have you been singing in a choir, but were tapped for a solo and want to rise to the occasion to deliver the performance of your life?

Are you a singer-songwriter and want your voice to be able to deliver the intensity of your lyrics as profoundly as you feel them?

Are you a faithful choir member who longs to try your vocal chops as a soloist and, for whatever your reasons or motivations, whether financial or bucket-list desires or age, doesn’t want to take two, three, or four years to get that solo-quality voice through the traditional weekly-singing-lesson model? (But you know you can’t get the attention you need on your voice in a choir setting. Directors, God bless ’em, can’t do it all, even as talented as they are, as musical as they are, and even as much as they would like to have time to develop solo talent among their choristers – if they’re able to teach good singing technique, that is!)

Do you want or need to transform your voice as quickly as possible? 

Do you want a legitimate short-cut to an upgraded voice that’s powerful, healthy, expressive, and dependable?

Do you, as a regularly-singing singer, want to take a shortcut from the traditionally-available approaches for voice development:

  • Weekly private singing lessons
  • Weekly group singing lessons
  • Going (back) to school for a degree in vocal performance
  • Asking singing colleagues, directors, conductors, professions, and friends for vocal advice?
  • Combing YouTube and other internet sources for instructional videos and hacks, hoping what you find is credible and won’t hurt your voice.

While I support all (or most, anyways) of those traditional vocal-study models – and provide private and group lessons of them in my own music studio (I provide private and group lessons, teach at a music conservatory in my city, and, yes, I even create instructional YouTube videos), I want you to know that if you are motivated to get the voice you want in as short of a time as you possibly can, I know how you can do it.

Yes, you can UPGRADE your voice in 2021.

I’m here to tell you that you DO have another option that…

  • Takes much less time than the traditional 2 to 4 years of weekly private lessons (more if group lessons)
  • Costs a lot less overall
  • Leads you into making the habits and vocal-development disciplines you need permanent
  • Is much less risky than scouring internet videos for lessons and hacks you’re not 100% sure are credible

And, yes, you can make some serious positive, permanent, powerful changes to your voice and your performance confidence in only six months.

It doesn’t have to take 2-4 years the way traditional weekly private or group lessons does.

Do any of these describe your needs or goals for your voice?

  • Do you have an event for which you’ve been invited to sing – a wedding, reception, stage performance, or another big life-event?
  • Have you been needing or wanting to up your game when it comes to your voice?
  • Do you want to be considered for solos in your choir?
  • Do you have an audition for a singing lead coming up in the next 6-12 months and you want that part?
  • Are you a singer-songwriter and want your voice to be as good as your other instrument – as quickly as possible?
  • Do you want your singing voice to be something more solid, more agile, more capable, and more powerful – in as short a period of time as possible?

I’m thrilled to announce A Higher Note LLC’s newest program: 

The Six-Month Singing Transformation

Instruction and Coaching Program

Take six focused months to work on your singing voice and completely transform it.

Who is this program for?

The best fit will be with…

Singers who are already singing regularly in some capacity, such as…

  • Choir members who’d like to attend to their solo singing voice and/or gain confidence – to stop hiding behind the other choral voices because they’re not sure they have “a good voice.”
  • Active singer-songwriters who want their voice to convey their art well.
  • Gigging performers who need more vocal confidence for upcoming opportunities.
  • Musical theatre performers who want to get lead or supporting, solo singing roles.
  • Cantors and worship-service soloists who want to bring their voice quality to match the beauty and poignancy of they lyrics they sing for the people they’re leading.
  • Hard-core karaoke singers who are ready to hit it hard once this pandemic ends.
  • Wedding singers who want to improve, to move people, and to honor the wedding couples who choose them with an unforgettable, confident performance.
  • Band lead singers who want to improve, who keep losing their voice during or after performances, or who have been stuck in one genre/groove and want to expand their capabilities and, thus, be able to expand their band’s repertoire.
  • Background vocalists who want to grow their voice toward becoming lead-singer quality.
  • Singers wanting to put their voice out there by creating a youtube channel – for monetization or not – and who have big dreams about creating a following… but who knows they need to get their voice in shape as much as they need to learn youtube marketing.
  • Older singers who have a bucket list goal of recording or performing and know time won’t wait for those dreams.
  • Or any number of other goals/drives that spurs you to work and/or, honestly, drives you not to fail or badly embarrass yourself in an upcoming performance.

Singers who are have some type of internal or external motivation pushing them to succeed quickly

Ideally, participants have some type of internal or external motivation, or both, like the ones I listed above to work hard to develop. Maybe it’s the deadline-style reality-check of an upcoming performance for which you want to be fully prepared and confident vocally.

Singers who are willing to work very hard for a short period of time to have the vocal foundation that’ll last a lifetime.

The program’s duration is short, only six months, and thus we will work hard. It will require a great deal of motivation and self-discipline. In fact, you must actually apply to the program so that I can consider whether or not you are qualified for it.

Singers who are really, really ready for a transformation.

We will really be going for it, with no time to lose, so that internal and external motivation is going to be very important. I know it’s going to be transformative for each participant who fully engages. But I need to be fair to all participants by not allowing in applicants who are not fully committed to the process for the entire six months. Therefore, those interested must apply. 

Let me be honest, though: This program is not for everyone.

Who is NOT a good fit for this program:

It’s not for people who don’t want to work on their voice.

This may seem obvious, but it bears saying. You might want a great voice in theory, but if you’re not ready and willing and motivated to invest what it takes to get one in as short a time as is possible, this program is not for you. You will work.

It’s not for people who know they want weekly lessons or only want a casual approach.

It’s not for people who are fixated on the weekly traditional private-lesson model. This will be a high-intensity, nitty-gritty coaching program for singers who want to dig deep and take their voice to the next level as quickly as possible. In your case, it’ll be six months. It will be a multi-faceted approach to developing both the skill and discipline of implementing your own personalized, strategic, and simple-to-maintain Daily Vocal Practice(TM).

It’s not for people who don’t have a strong motivation to improve their voice QUICKLY.

You won’t be able to take a casual approach. Because of that, it’s not a great fit for a singer who doesn’t have something lingering out ahead of them (their carrot, so to speak, that motivates or entices them to keep at it every day, or something that’s burning a fire behind them that pushes them forward.

Not for complete beginners.

While this program is open to non-professionals and professionals alike, it is not suitable for complete beginners – by “beginners” I mean folks who may like singing a lot but are really at the very beginning of the trail to vocal development.

We’re going for the shortest amount of time possible to develop your voice and performance confidence while still retaining permanency of the improvements you make and disciplines you develop in the program.

Singing skillfully, powerfully, easily, and in a way that grabs people’s attention takes practice, effort, and dedication. It also takes muscular coordination, which takes learning, trying, doing, testing, getting feedback, and repeating the cycle, all of which takes time. But I’ve figured out a system to help you compress the time it would take to learn all of that into the shortest amount of time to still get the maximum amount of benefit and improvement.

Who’s running this program?

Natalie Eastman

Dr. Natalie R. W. Eastman
Owner, A Higher Note LLC

My name is Natalie Eastman. I’m a soprano, performer, long-time music educator, and owner of A Higher Note LLC. For more than 24 years, I’ve taught people to sing, and helped professional and non-professional singers to sing better, with more power, range, control, and expression, not to mention more healthfully. My client list includes two Miss America contestants and many gigging artists and singer-songwriters, as well as singers who offer their voices locally in choirs, bands, weddings, music theater, karaoke contests, and other extraordinary performances.

If this program description is catching your eye and piquing your interest, you’ll want to attend the special, power-packed training webinar I’m preparing to let you know exactly what you need to be doing to transform your own voice inside of six months. 

The training webinar will be ready in about a week or ten days – the constant changes Covid issues bring to my schedule makes me hesitant to promise an exact date, but I’m currently developing that training. It’s going to be power-packed and I can promise that if you are serious about singing, particularly about dramatically improving your voice in six months, you will not want to miss it.

I know this sounds a bit hype-y, but I’m confident the training I’ll be presenting will help you tremendously if you want to get your voice whipped into shape in as short a time as possible and you’re ready to work with commitment toward that goal.

In the training, I will fully reveal…

  1. what you need to do if you want to transform your voice in the shortest time possible
  2. how to train your voice to be way more consistent,
  3. what exercises you need to do and how to do them to make your voice more powerful, responsive, and flexible
  4. how to help your voice be healthier
  5. what to do to help your voice be more controlled
  6. how to develop a voice you can feel confident about. 

And don’t worry: this won’t be like a “crash diet” version of voice training – something like vocal hacks you see on the internet that might get you a bit better responsiveness in a pinch, but which doesn’t last.

I’ve built this six-month program on what I’ve taught in weekly private lessons for all these decades but have now distilled: a proper foundation of understanding how to use your voice correctly and get the most from it for the long haul. It’ll be a complete plan for singers who want to take their voice as far as it can go in six months.

Because this program is not for everyone, potential participants must apply.

Yes, even serious singers. Even professional singers. And after applying, I will call you and talk further with you about the program qualifications for joining.

If you already think this might be aligned with your 2021 goals, you can go ahead and read over the application form by clicking the button below and reflect on the questions:

TAKE OUR FREE 3-DAY VOCAL FOUNDATION TRAINING COURSE. For any singer who has dreams of using their voice and wants to grow vocal skills, increase performance confidence, and "get from A to B" faster and more directly than typical weekly lessons will get them there.