(We weren’t kidding about that.)

Nobody likes to feel like a “nosy, noisy neighbor” who you said “yes” to, but really wish would leave so you can get back to watching reruns of “The Voice.”

We need to make sure you want communications from Natalie Eastman and A Higher Note LLC. It’s not for our ego, it’s so your emails get to you.

So…PLEASE TAKE THESE FOUR QUICK-AND-EASY STEPS NOW, so you remember and it gets done:

  1. Check your Inbox, spam folder, and promotions/updates folders for an email from “info@ahighernote.com.”
  2. Move that email into your primary Inbox folder, if it hasn’t arrived there safely already.
    Add “info@ahighernote.com” to your Contact list.
    This gets the red-letter, all-caps text, because email service providers will otherwise send our emails to your spam or promotions folders.
    Add info@ahighernote.com as a contact.
    Optional: You can also put “Natalie Eastman” in the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields and “A Higher Note LLC” in the “Company Name” field, if you want to be able to quickly and easily identify our emails in your Inbox.
  4. Click on the link in the email to CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.

Taking these 4 quick steps will help you get the information from us that you want, so you can keep singing and grow in our community without any email-filtering algorithm hassle!

Phew! Check that off today’s to-do list, right? [Cue deep, relieved sigh in response to the swell of productivity pride you have every right to feel at this moment.]

After you’ve taken care of those four steps, you can jump over to our free resources to help you grow as a singer and performer:

So glad to have you in the A Higher Note LLC community!!