3-Day Vocal Foundation Training

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3-Day Vocal Foundation Training

Day 2 — Determine Your Vision-Based Goals™ for Your Voice

Now that you've completed your Day 1 work on Your Vision for Your Voice™, you have a much clearer image in your mind of exactly what you want to do with your voice.

In this next step, you're going to map out the exact steps you'll take to make your Vision a reality.

First, a brief word to the wise:

This probably goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways for anyone who's trying to breeze through this course without actually doing the work: Day 2 work depends on Day 1 work and that's the crux of the whole gig here. Everything you do to develop your voice and your performance confidence should flow from Your Vision for Your Voice™. That's the only way you'll know you're doing what it'll take to take your dreams for using your voice and make them into your reality.

So, if I can be a little coach-y here, if you haven't done your Day 1 work, go back and do it if you want your goals to make any sense and if you don't want to spend forty years wandering in a singing desert. If you know you're not going to do the work, well... why are you still here? I don't mean to sound harsh and don't want to put anyone off, but here it is: you can go right on taking swings at your vocal development, batting at it without aim or purpose. Without foundational thought and a vision to guide you, though, you won't know whether you're going to get there or not. Why? Because you won't know your destination. As a result, you won't know whether the vocal exercises you do, if you're doing any, are going to do what you need for your voice. You won't know whether the steps you're taking are leading you toward the fulfillment of your singing dreams. You'll just be walking in a direction, probably in multiple directions, zig-zagging along, because you don't know the path from A to B. More specifically, you won't know your path from A to B, because you don't even know what your "B" is, which is your Vision. You need a clear Vision. And you need clear steps toward it that are built directly on what that Vision requires for it to happen. Those are your Vision-Based Goals™, which is today's work. Sermon over. If you're still with me, let's move on.

REMINDERS: Make sure you...

Join the Facebook Group for Vocal Foundations Training course members. As part of your daily assignments, you'll post answers in that day's Unit/Guide inside our FB group.

After you complete each day's assignment, post your answer to the day's question in the Facebook Group. Be sure to tag us in your post, so we'll be notified that you've posted. (To tag us, right in your comment/post, type @ahighernote or start typing "@a higher note" and it should pop up.)


1. Watch the 10-minute video below, which is a brief clip from a larger training video. Through this training, you'll gain foundational insights for your vocal practice and performance.
NOTE: This is a working video: it will only be as powerful as you make it by taking action.

2. Download this worksheet. It will help you focus your thoughts and record your goals, mapping out the path that will lead you toward your Vision.

3. After completing your design work on your Daily Vocal Practice(TM), go to the VFT Facebook Group and in Day 2's Assignment share the following and make sure to TAG A Higher Note:

⦿ Share ONE Vision-based goal, either long- or short-term.
⦿ Break that one goal down into shorter-term goals it'll take to complete the larger goal.
⦿ Explain how this goal series flows from your Vision.
⦿ Tell: what was the most helpful thing about the Day 2 training?

NEXT UP: You'll have today and tomorrow to work on this. The third and final instructional email will arrive on the fifth day.

Do you need some guidance strategizing your vocal development?

If you are serious about singing and want guidance on planning your vocal development...

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