3-Day Vocal Foundation Training

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3-Day Vocal Foundation Training

Day 3 — Design your Vision-Based Daily Vocal Practice™

Now that the work of Days 1 & 2 are behind you, you've done a lot. During your Day 1 work, you crystalized Your Vision for Your Voice™. You have a much clearer image in your mind of exactly what you want to do with your voice. In your Day 2 work, you determined the exact steps you'll need to take in order to make your Vision a reality.

Today for Day 3, the final step of the course, you'll plan a Daily Vocal Practice™ that supports a particular Vision-Based Goal™ or set of goals, which, in turn, support a direct path toward Your Vision for Your Voice™.

On the Day 2 training page, I gave a little coach-y speech. Here's the crux of it: if you haven't done your work for Days 1 or 2, go back and do it.

Why? Because... If you want your practice to be meaningful, it must always be based on your goals, which need to have been based on Your Vision. This strategic planning provides direction. You make sure that your direction moves toward your Vision. It assures that every day of practice and every exercise within that practice has purpose for that direction, moving you forward in the right direction, fulfilling what's necessary for your Vision to become reality.

Make sure you fully digest that last paragraph.


By now, you should have joined the Facebook Group for Vocal Foundations Training course members and have already posted your answers from the first two assignments. But just in case, here's the link:

After you complete each day's assignment, post your answer to the day's question in the Facebook Group. Be sure to tag us in your post, so we'll be notified that you've posted. (To tag us: in the space where you type your answer/comment/post, type @ahighernote or start typing "@a higher note" and it should pop up.)


1. Watch the 10-minute video below. This is a brief clip from a larger training video from one of A Higher Note's programs. This training provides foundational insights for your vocal practice and performance.
Again, plan to work after watching this video. It will only be as powerful as you make it by taking action.

2. Download this worksheet.
It will help you focus your thoughts and plan a Daily Vocal Practice (DVP) that supports a particular goal or set of goals that lead toward your Vision. Eventually, if you follow my system, you'll want to have a little stack of these in your practice area, because you'l need one weekly planner per week and a DVP log/journal per practice.

3. After completing your design work on your Daily Vocal Practice(TM), go to the VFT Facebook Group and in Day 3's Assignment share the following and make sure to TAG A Higher Note

1) ⦿ Share ONE area of your voice you've identified from your Vision-Based Goals™ work today that you're going to start working on for the short-term.
2) ⦿ Share how you're designing your first week's worth of Daily Vocal Practice™ to work on that vocal and/or performance skill.
3) ⦿ Explain how this development is based on Your Vision for Your Voice™ - why is this area of development needed? How does it move you forward toward making Your Vision your reality?
4) ⦿ Tell: What was the most helpful thing about today's training?
5) ⦿ Tell: From this week's work you've done in support of making your dreams for your voice your reality, what did you find most helpful?

After completing the video, scroll down to see what's next.


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