DISCLAIMER: I’m not a medical doctor. I make no claims that any tips I may provide here will work for you or provide you with any kind of healing or even any help. Importantly, by no means should you avoid seeing a doctor if you are ill and think you need to see one. I urge you to seek medical attention if you think you need it. Always do your own research. I promise nothing here but sharing my own experiences and what my research has uncovered over the years as I’ve managed to get and keep my own voice and body healthy. If you choose to act upon any of these tips, you do so at your own risk. By reading further on this page, you agree to hold harmless A Higher Note LLC, Natalie Eastman, any members of the Eastman nuclear and extended family, and any contributors of these vocal-health tips.

Tip 1:
Check Your Gut

Your gut health, that is. Check your gut health with a nutritionist or a functional medicine or integrative medicine doctor/practitioner. The gut (gastrointestinal system) is the center of your health – yes, even your vocal health. It’s the epicenter of your whole-body health. I wrote more about this in an e-newsletter. Click here to get that Vocal Health Tips series of emails and our other email announcements.

Take Action

  1. If you have a vocal-health issue, choose one or two tips to implement this week.
  2. Decide how you’re going to implement those tips so you can get or stay vocally healthy this season.
  3. In the Comments section, share your own, most helpful tip for staying vocally healthy, whether in the winter or another season, or for a non-seasonal reason.
  4. Bookmark this page and return to see the growing list of ideas and suggestions for vocal health.

 We are in this together.


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