A traditional Christmas carol, 2020 pandemic-style!

Someone named R. G. Huff penned the lyrics to this humorous remake of the Christmas carol “We Three Kings (of Orient Are).” I’ve been unable to locate the original; I’ll admit that here. But it was worth getting it up on the blog and getting it to you.

Before the video, I’d like to say that my intention is to provide levity. I can already imagine that this will hit some of you just right and just at the right time; for others, it’ll feel like a frustrating slap in the face. Your battle with the coronavirus has been all-too-personal, struggling for your life and breath in the hospital, possibly even losing a loved one.

I feel you. While, so thankfully, only a few of my extended family or students have tested positive, none of them have had serious symptoms or serious/permanent repercussions from the virus. But a young, healthy baseball-coaching-dad good friend of ours recently battled for his life in the hospital because of it. So, I don’t desire to diminish the struggle, because it’s real.

As for myself, despite…

  • having to test a bunch of times this year myself;
  • facing quarantines because of school exposures;
  • feeling frustrated at the mistrust of others if you sneeze or sniffle;
  • feeling frustrated when others don’t seem to be taking it seriously by not wearing masks, continuing to keep close distance and insisting on holding large-group gatherings without precautions, etc;
  • feeling concern and care for my 91-y.o. mom who lives in a retirement community;
  • losing 75% of my studio students in the spring because of the early confusion, conflicting information, and drastic protective actions local and national entities took; and
  • watching a few close friends battle truly difficult and, recently, even life-threatening battles with COVID-19…

…my position is still that I must take the pandemic as seriously as possible, yet still keep it in perspective. As in all of life, even throughout the traumas I’ve experienced over the decades, and there have been more than a few, humor helps me keep moving forward and keep functioning. Having children who depend on me, in my experience, also serves to propel me forward in a similar way. Depending on their age, they may or may not be able to understand why “Mommy is so quiet” for a stretch of time. Kids, whether ours or others’, keep us moving forward during the dark times, forcing one foot in front of the other, forcing us to keep putting food on the table, forcing us to show up to life. Eventually, we smile again and even laugh.

If you’re anything like me, we look for things to keep us moving forward during dark times. My trust in God also keeps my hope in other places besides my health, the medical system, or any other thing, person, government, or group.

In this spirit, I offer for your pandemic enjoyment – a little laughter in “We Three Kings Are Six Feet Apart”! Enjoy!


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