Please share who has inspired you vocally in the comment section below.

I’ve been blessed to sing and/or study under the late Earle and Norma Lowder, Gary Bradberry, Morris Beachy, Bonnie Bradley, David Troupe, and the late Jeannie Deva. I’ve studied many instructors’ materials and several methods in-depth, and thus teach an amalgamation of the best I’ve learned and that has worked for myself and my students over 20+ years. You’ll almost certainly hear me mention Margaret Riddleberger, Estelle Liebling’s vocal courses, Seth Riggs, and Jeanie Deva.

You’ll also hear some bits from me about John Upledger’s work with various manual physical therapies, along with integrative medicine, because caring for our bodies at deep levels is so important for vocal success, not to mention optimal health in general! So I incorporate what I’ve studied, learned, and experienced regarding our bodies’ health, movement, and structure into my teaching and coaching.

I also teach beginning guitar and beginning piano and, although I love them madly, honestly my primary love is singing. I love to sing and perform and love teaching others to sing. I’ve worked with all levels of singers across a very broad age range, both professionals and hobbyists, with all styles of music and am happy to say I’ve helped them improve their voice, vocal health, and performance presence. But the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, isn’t it? If you’d like, please read some of testimonials on the site, here.

Your Turn: Please Share Your Influences!

Please use the comment section below to contribute the people, places, pedagogy, and other things that have influenced your vocal development. I look forward to reading your stories.