YOU Are Your Child’s First and Most Important Kindermusik Teacher (Not the Kindermusik Classroom Teacher)

The Value of Your Kindermusik @Home Materials

Part 4

(Read Part 3 here.)

And back to the parent-as teacher philosophy, those home materials are for YOU. Yes, with each set of home materials, there’s usually a small manipulative for your child to use in music activities and whenever and for whatever the child wants to use it for, but there are videos purposefully designed to stimulate musical thought and activity with you, their primary teacher (not to plunk your child in front of), there are lyric charts, there are music-centered games, readings, and other activities directly related to each unit.

The dual purposes for these materials are (1) to facilitate your training as your young child’s first-and-best music teacher, and (2) to provide you, the home teacher, with resources that stimulate a ton of fun and bonding between you and your child! That’s why there’s no plunking-in-front-of-videos involved, but everything pointedly facilitates interaction with you and music.

What do parents say about the home materials?

Some Kindermusik parents say that the home experience is their primary reason to recommend Kindermusik to others. The following comments were taken from a survey Kindermusik administers to registered families:

“I like that we have the Cd’s to listen to at home. Sadly, I’m musically challenged and I love that there’s a place for me to go to get ideas.”

“My daughter LOVES Kindermusik. The songs have become a part of everyday life and she is flourishing when we team Kindermusik activities/songs with learning/behaviors we already had at home. It has helped tremendously…”

“What we do in class is continued at home, and enriches time spent at home together.”

“Great source of activities you can do at home with your child…”

I do hope I’ve convinced you not only that Kindermusik’s home materials are helpful and effective, but – more important – that YOU are a critical piece – perhaps the critical piece – to the effectiveness of the joys and benefits Kindermusik can bring to enrich your child’s, and your family’s, life!

Your thoughts?

What thoughts come to you regarding how children learn best with a parent or trusted, invested caregiver? Please comment below. 
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