Yes, Natalie, I want to transform my voice…
This is not a registration form, but an application for the Voice180 program. By thoughtfully considering your answers to these questions, you’ll help yourself clarify, as well as communicate to Natalie Eastman, the current state of your vocal skills, vocal practice habits, performance skills, goals for your voice, and your motivation level to improve. On the basis of this application and a Singing Strategy Session call (schedule here:, Natalie will be able to consider your fit for the program or your better fit in a different method of vocal development. With that in mind, please make every attempt to provide complete answers with full descriptions. Thank you.
Your confidence in your voice: how it performs for you, how it sounds to you, how you think it sounds to others, how reliable it is for you when you go to sing, etc. In other words, how confident are you that your voice will do what you want it to do when you want it to do it?

What student-clients say…

K. Johansson, Vocalist

Kyra J.


I traditionally had a hard time holding long notes and supporting my sound. I didn’t have much space in my lungs for deep breaths and didn’t have a good center on pitch. Natalie taught me breathing techniques that helped me elongate my breath and made it easier to increase my lung capacity. She would push me out of comfort zones that I didn’t even know I had. She boosted my self confidence and made me a better singer and performer.

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